Thursday, January 30, 2014

I work at the Day Care

So during the past couple summers i worked at this day care called Sunshine. Where i met not only awesome people that helped me through this rough times but also this amazing kids! That gave me not only love but taught me to be patience, to not only care about me. These are the two lil girls that i love with all my heart.
I must sound lil over reacting when i say my heart aches because im not with them. I love these two more than i can explain. Each of tem taught me different things! They are so different but at the same time they are the same! I didnt know it was possible to love them so much since i am not her mom bor her aunt or anything like that. But i was her teacher and at school i was like her mom. I gave her good nap kisses and i play with them more thatn i should have at work.
Anyways these days ive been feeling more like missing them.

My pupa and my boo😍❤️

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Best Friends Wedding (Literally)

So i defently had to post this one long time ago, my best friend got married. It wasnt like any other wedding i have attend (pff like i had gone to tons) anyways this day i think i was more anxious than her. She is and incredible person, but her temper is hell alive, and then she is i dont know how to put into words but when she wants somethins it got to be her way or no way at all, anyways, i was one of her bridesmaids. 
Out of all of her bridemaids i was the only one how called and asked for this outrageous favors, and its ok shes my friend and she was going to get married. But get upset with me for not doing it? or say im a bad friend becuase i put work before her. 

Oh im so glad those days are over, i swear on my life i could killed her, we had our ups and downs through all theseand even after the wedding, that now i just let her live her life. People can not say i wasnt there for her til the last minute before the wedding i went and drop her off to the hotel wehere she was changing, yes 10 min beofre the weddign and she wasnt even ready. 

Maybe it was for the best, but i hate when people are like why you forget about me you dont hang out, and starts complaining after all you do too have a phone and you too can call me if you think im not calling you or anything like that, so the last week she was of couorse with her husband so i didnt even bother to call her her husband left (he live in Costa Rica) and she finished her tesis, so then she calls me 2 days prior her living to CR, complains on how i dont call her! and then finished by saying i believe she should hang out on firday. Of course i say yes! for her to tell me on friday oops my friends from collage plan something for me so i cant hang out with you 

sigh - people  - sigh

Anyways, im glad she had her dream come true and i hope she had the best of her time on her wedding day! i know i did! 

maybe is about living by yolo?

Reading other blogs made me realize that some people have apurpose in life, but here i am in a job that i still dont know how i feel about it (dont get me wrong im so increible greatful for having one) but the problem is that since i dont have things to make me busy i get bored, and is ok becuase not all the time you have to be busy.

Anyways i have decided to do something for my self at least this month, it all starts with small steps. So in my old job i saw this thing call ''Vision board'' at first i was all confused with ''vision board'' but then my old boss explained to me what was it. Even though im not a big believer in this this of think positive it will happen to you, other wise i would be rich by now, i was like imma try it! So im thinking of the things that i want in life, and then is when it hit me. i know why sometimes im so confused of what i want to do with my not going to put it here, becuase im a lil embarrased ( and no is not anything bad) anyways. Dealing with this vision board (that i havent even started) is more difficult to do than say becuase you need all the things that you want and im pretty sure in life everybody wants everything, but you cant put that you need to be especific.

Anyways im trying to do that so to make the ''law of attracion'' to happen and see where my life goes. Becuase sometimes i see people around my age that know what they want to do, know what there dreams are and know what life is about, and here i am sitting waiting to figure out. Im not hating on them in fact im pretty impressed and happy becuase thye have work hard yto earn it, things in life dont come easy and you have to work hard you just need to find what you want.

For example my moms best friend kid ( i know is hard to sometimes ounderstand my writting but bare with me) she buy herself her own apartment as an inversion and she is only 26 and here i am what do i buy my self food thats what. I dont know maybe people make it look that life is easier than others or that they have more opportunities than other but something i know for fure if i dont fight for what i want no one else will

Monday, December 30, 2013

Sometimes you have to give thanks!

For the past year i have been through so many changes i cant even began to remember.
I lived my past 4 years at Rexburg - Idaho. Where i study to get my Bachalors degree and after that i was def nervous of what to do with my life, people tend to think is an easy decision, but is not.

The decision that you make today will affect tomorrow, so during the winter semester i struggle a lot of what to do with my self, what to do with my life, and it was hard! It was really hard. Then i decided i want to go to New York.

After my graduation my sister got married, it was a big change in my life (i know is about my sister but common is always about me) anyways, after her Wedding i went to New York and lived there for couple months, but then i realize that it wasnt for me, so i had to quit my job and moved again for the third time (this was my second job of the year) anyways, saying bye to my babies ( i work at a daycare) it was really hard i cried and i still miss them!.

My third place that i lived this 2013 it was my home Ecuador, i came and i found a job at my old school as a teacher (still not knowing what to do and just winging it) i work there for a couple months  until i found my last job it was around October. I took it (it was related to my major), and im currently working there hopefully for many years more.

And today i just realized that i have moved 3 times and work in 4 different places, in all those places i have met knew people that have help me to shape to the person that im trying to become, i have met awesome people and not so awesome people.

This year i have cried, laughed, had fun, shared with my friends, done a lot of things and today i just sit here been thankful for one more year. One more year with my family, one more year with my friends, one more year of living a good life! I can complain about a lot of bad things that i went through but then again it wouldn't be fair since also a lot of good things happen. i guess thats it this is my way of saying goodbye to 2013.

You sure have been a good one, you have taught me a lot, and even though i have a laugh at the trip to memory lane in instagram (the video that everybody is doing about their best memories of this year) i wish i could do it here!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lc in action.

So Juan went to the dentist and end up at the hospital! He supposed to stay there for couple days and end up staying for like almost a week! But lc came through and went to visit him and support him!

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And we came back.

After going away for the summer. I came back to the fall classes my sister drove me and we came with Jessica. So we went and ate twl of course! Also i figure out that Heather was gonna lend me her car and it was such a blessing! Because that car has help me anc Jessica in so many ways!

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Well my summer continues

During the summer, tons of thing happens. Also i went to the city alone! I love it! I got lose couple time but i had it in a bag. And find my way back! I shop in forever 21 i swear that store is gonna leave me broke someday! There were couple party that my family went but i stay home. I only went to one! Wich was way fun! Also i was in the Hurincane Irene! Hate it! I was so worry. But the dukes and i put it together and made it through with Leila! And after that well i guess that was it. Also i met my other homegirl. Frankie! Love that lil girl!

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